Breaking Wall

There is a gentleness in the morning sky.
you open the door, smile back at the sparse clouds
it’s now much easier to forget the dark dreams.

time to get to know one another over a cup of tea,
a surge of inner life, a sense of empowerment, alive still,
even the woollen blankets retain the delicate crease.

yet the wooden backrest resists your probing fingers,
but you don’t know the memory of the hidden scars.
saying grimly ‘we are not ourselves any more’.

you love to stand above in the plateau of flowers
try to reach the razing sun and burn in flames,
be there so long to fill the earth with raining ashes,

there is only one departure in your direction
you remember what it means, breaking the wall
inside, you stand desolate, frozen in the icy wind.

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Gopal Lahiri

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Gopal Lahiri was born in Calcutta, India. He is an earth-scientist by profession.He has been writing poetry for more than twenty years. He writes both in English and Bengali (mother tongue).He also occasionally writes fiction, short story, essay, articles on current affairs and scientific interest and does translation work. He has four poetry collections in Bengali (mother tongue) and five poetry collections in English (published by Lulu, USA).He has translated (From English to Bengali) a collection of short stories of Israel (published by NBT, India). His literary works appeared in several print and electronic publications worldwide and his poems published in anthologies printed in India and abroad.
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A wonderful poem rich with beautiful imagery and the vision. It made my day !


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