Ijaw Children

Ijaw Children short poem

Uploaded by Teitei Stanley

Just as Jehovah planted a garden in Eden,
So our lives began without worries.
We play Hide-n-Seek and see treasures hidden,
So we never live our lives in a hurry.

Life was bushy, wonderful,
And easy to live on this shore.
As children, no grudges or grievances we abhor.
So, we slumber and sleep with heavy snore.

We ask more questions,
And get less answer,
– Some from old village stories,
Where lion is the king,
And tortoise become more cunning,
By trying to marry the queen.

As many as we were,
We gather around Grammy’s legs,
And she would tell us stories with tenderness
As her one or many eggs.

Even the river serves us differently
As far as we can think.
As we paddle, bathe and swim about,
It’s also nifty to drink.

Digging mud with stick,
In search for worm as bait.
So we learn to fish
Like our ancestors, As marked for us by fate.

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Teitei Stanley

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I am Teitei Stanley. I was born into the undeveloped bushy-watery part of Nigeria, to speak the most interesting and self-expressive language called Ijaw (Izon).As i grow I learn to earn knowledge and understanding from all reliable source - from the Bible, from my parents, teachers and some of those who decide to correct me when I am wrong.I love music as a teen, and preoccupied so much of my time listening to a great many genre of music.. I have so many vaulted thoughts which I would divulge in poetry. I just follow no rule in my writing, because I believe we are all poets born to speak our mind in whichever way comprehensible. I think the way I write would set a standard for future generation. So, I freestyle the way I write my poems to gain no coin, but to at least gain AP points.
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