As Well Be Dead

As Well Be Dead short poem

Surrounded by darkness

Venom of retribution

Closed doors, empty corridors

No trespassing

No sacred earth

Just a no man’s land

Every step fraught in minefield

Nothing escapes the watchful eye

Nothing spared off memory

All transgressions etched in time

Void of story, just the basic facts

Unrelenting judgment

Unforgiving hatred

Halfhearted compromises

Missing touch

As well be dead

As well be dead

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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Editorial Board

What does one say about such sadness, only that one would want to wish it away. The strength of this piece lies in its brevity which still manages to convey the writer’s intent so well.

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

I venture this interpretation about guilt. It haunts, (venom of retribution), “nothing escapes the watchful eye” (conscience), “all transgression etched in time” , “unrelenting judgment” (karma) “as well be dead” (a new start, rebirth, reincarnation) or resignation to Fate. Deep Poem.


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