Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past long poem

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The hospital walls already knew my name,
Although they hadn’t seen me for a while,
They were still here, everything the same,
It’s me who has walked on another mile.

Where once I found comfort I now felt fear,
The nausea settled deep inside,
Gone were the days I longed to be here,
A respite from the world where I could hide.

I heard the desperation of people coming in,
Emotionally driven to despair,
I sympathised and felt their turmoil within,
For it wasn’t long ago I too was there.

Nurses rushed by as if they hadn’t seen me there,
Others shared a smile to say hello,
An awkward understanding that they weren’t there to care,
For me their care had come and had to go.

I kept one eye on the clock for I knew the routine,
I knew the times they’d hope I disappear,
I knew all the “signals” and what each one would mean,
Like when they say the words, “step over here.”

On one side I could see the patients crying out,
The other side could barely stay awake,
Some would recoil while others chose to shout,
But most they just chose to medicate.

Everyone was anxious but some more than most,
Some patients walked around from room to room,
A look of disturb as if they’d seen a ghost,
Or else that they would see one very soon.

Something struck me hard as I realised it was true,
Where once I had only felt divide,
I’d always felt this ward was “me against you”
Now I see we were all on the same side.

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