Another Morning

Another Morning long poem

Uploaded by Naaz Fatima Khan

There was a bright light again..
It’s a morning after a night rain!
The petrichor was around that place..
No doubt,drops’re drying with all grace!

Serene it was to feel the wet on leaf..
The dust pulled out with a force of heave!
I can see the mark of sky shower here and there..
Cultivating the new fresh start everywhere!

It’s just not an another 7 am like as usual..
It’s invitation from the Universe,rare and beautiful!
Giving a chance to bloom again.. to shine again..
Who’d died before,they can born from the Life again!

It’s hard to seize this scene to the length of eyes’ corners..
But yet it’s offering another meditation to the sick mourners!
The inhaled breeze enlarged my inner spirits like never before..
It’s a feeling of getting deeper and deeper..ignoring the surface and shore!

The black liquid..taking sip of..witnessing the beauty around..
Some sudden greyish words inflicted the ears when I heard that sound!
Words of hatred..harsh enough to stab anyone to death..
That sound between a lady and her man disturbed my breath!

They’re into that world of of fight.
Unaware of beauty outside.. of its glimpse and sight!
They’re meant to stay happy,loving to each other forever..
But it didn’t last for even a period..they’re never together!

Absence of love and complaining eyes..the heart was full of woe.
The victim were their children,with this fact they’d to grow!
At that moment,I wished to be deaf and blind!
To mute this effect inside,and leave the scars behind!

Suddenly I trusted “Child is a Gift of God!” Not of a love of free!
Not of these people,who Hate and always disagree!
The music is chained double and abuse is saturated..
It’s a heartache to the singer,when two verses of a song get separated!

The black coffee is sweeter than unhealed souls of forced love!
It’s better to depart your ways and bury the hatred clove!
To the child of such people,life in itself is haunting..
I realised, nothing’s usual 7:30 am of Another Morning!

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I won't call myself a writer or a poet. In simple words, Iam expressive in my own ways. And it comes out of me unasked! I love to connect with the happenings or the people around and love more to express and write about their untold part of stories. This is not somethin my mind does for me but this defines my soul. My soul connects with the stories of universe and through my words I want to touch many lives, many souls!!
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Akshay Hanswal

Beautiful 🙂


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