Haiku Collection

Haiku Collection short poem

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1) Market Forces

Cherry Blossom falls.
Invest in silver and gold;
Avoid shoe polish.

2) Modern Times

Manners maketh man,
Woman wants equality.
Hold your own damn door!

3) Divorcing Autumn

Desperate limbs wave,
Inviting cold wind kisses.
Rebuffed leaves depart.

4) God’s Work

Keen missionary,
Never sees cracks in ceiling,
Knows hell is coming.

5) The Pen is Mightier

Linguistic swordsman
Fences for his existence.
Outdueled by anon.

6) Lost Children

Failing sense of pride;
Kinship fading into dusk.
Fatherhood erased.

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Wonderful Haikus following classic structure. Words and lines have beautiful resonance., somewhat stunning !


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