Melancholic Evenings

Melancholic Evenings short poem

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The melancholic evening
Knocks at the dusk
And my heart skips a beat
Prepares for the gloom

This transiting hour
Holds the key to
The gloom of the past
Rubbing off the future

The key clicks in the lock
The memories walk out
One by one sometimes
And rush out sometimes

They are gloomy
As gloomy as the setting darkness
scurrying away every cheer
Beckoning silence

In this silence
Of the heart and mind
The gloom pervades
Carrying the memory

The memory of discomfort
Of the torment
That evening
That reminiscence

As the dark hands
Crept around me
Lifted off my feet
And snatched the innocence

The innocence that
held me together
That made my
moments wonderful

the rest is history
the bruise on the heart
turned into a scar
the burns into future

my evenings have
turned melancholic
and the scar burns
waking up the sadness

buried deep within
as the evening turns melancholic

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An avid dreamer nurturing a dream of living many lives in one life.
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