The Lone Footsteps

I gazed upon the northern star,
Fixed with no intention of moving.
I then turned and fixed my eyes,
Upon the ice-set stone face,
Which rather glowed with wisdom instead of wickedness.
“Your time has come”, his voice deep and sweet, “Any last words?”
I thought not for long, for when I dive into the blue,
There would be neither end nor any door of liberty from the intended dangers.
“One wish” I said, sure as a man about to do the work of his life,
“Be with me, through every wade of my boat upon the sea of life.
For I know not which whale might engulf me or which wave might overpower me”
“You have my word son, go forth.
I promise to be your ray of hope upon the infinite path of darkness”.
And so he gave me his word, and I dived into the blue.

I walked long and long, turned back
And next to my footprints lay there, another set of footprints.
My footprints seemed smaller in front of those.
They cuddled mine like mother concern cuddles her children innocent.

Summer passed, he was there like the glorious sun.
Winter arrived, but I never missed his warmth.
Autumn sprinted through, but he lay evergreen next to me.
Spring joined, and he carried with him the song of the birds.

Then one day the storm arrived! It lashed and lashed at me!
Trouble waved at my face, despair engulfed my heart,
But I walked on not knowing how I did.

Then I looked back, with despair,
I saw a lone set of footprints.
Tears sweeping my face, I cried, “You broke your promise!
My courage did not betray me but you did!
My feet did not give up on me but you did!”
A sudden blast of light swallowed me instantly,
And he stood before me.
Mark his words; forever and ever they are true.

“Curse me not, blame me not,
I did not leave you alone, neither did I betray you.
Those lone set of footprints you saw, they were not yours but mine.
For it was I who carried you in your infinite path of darkness”…

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Mrudula Rani

That old quotation with wisdom, you weaved a brilliant poem that will warm many hearts with comfort .


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