A Maudlin

A Maudlin long poem

Photo by Leimenide

Etched on my mind is a maudlin
Of the times when sky was blue
And the sun was bright, high noon.
Shadows were weird and creepy but
Shades held the wayfarer’s blues.
Water meadows were wide spread
And herds fill the gaps like spots
splashed in random, like an abstract.
Sparkling water of the brook
Bristling waves form the surface
Cold and calm to the waffling breath.
One dip in the stream and a brush by the breeze
Will squeeze the sorrow out into the open.
Fallen leaves shall remind you of time past
But a shoot is the circle of life
Blossom is the nature of spring
So is sweat and thirst, with sunrise.
Flocks fly afar with the wind
And clouds show the shape of my dreams
Apparent are the buzzing crowds
That travel to the far lands
Seeking secure shelter and food
Will fill the folk stories all along
And memorize new themes for
The background of the inevitable change
That seasons pose without a sorry.
When it’s time to sun down all know
Where to lie, in the open or under a shade,
Birds are on their way back with twilight.
Glowing like a fire ball in the middle of chaos,
Tears are hidden deep within until there is a safer corner
And everyone is looking for a hand to hold on to,
When the night is deep and the moon is high
Love is at its peak and separation is a pain.
Sadness simmers in places we don’t look anymore
But the orifice lies next to the unknown,
Wandered in Garden of Eden you may be lost
Before you are found in the vast of belly,
Into the world you come to learn,
The Sun and the Moon and the Stars
All have a dark side that stands to suffer
The night, before the dusk is dawn.
Life is not all summer and fall
There is sin and risk too……….
When you pass through the test
You grow beyond the meadow and
Etched on my mind is a maudlin……

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