Present Scenario

Present Scenario long poem

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Value deterioration is too fast
Humanity should stay steadfast.
The world should wake to crisis
And hit it at its head like a dart.

Vices are quickly escalating
Greed runs at neck-break speed
Making the people more physical
Eat, drink and merry-making.

Humanity is its first morsel
‘I be happy, rest may go to hell’
Has become the motto of all
Humanity is left not at all.

Social reformers sail same boats
Priests’ purity too is fully lost
Hence no change in the scenario
Everyone survives at others’ cost.

Schools teach reading and writing
But make no human-beings
Motivate for more and more gains
Leaving humanity far-far behind.

Solution lies in knowing symptoms
And treating them for better system
Ostrich like approach will not do
Need to catch the bull by its horns.

Key to issue is the spiritual education
Will fast ameliorate the grave situation
Making human-beings out of kids
Grooming them later as good citizens.

Spirituality is not going to churches
Or wandering in chapels and temples
Spirituality is feeling pain of others
Or holding one in time who stumbles.

Spirituality is in erasing our vices
Lust for silver, status or mistresses
All make us no humans but devilish
Filling the social system with fiendish.

Earth is paradise that is lost
Want earth to gain what it lost?
Then love each like brother-sister
Irrespective of colour, creed or caste.

Our planet is the only heaven
No heavens anywhere exist
But hell we have made of it
Let’s regain what we have lost.

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Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj

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I am an educationist and have penned books in Education, Hindi and English literature. My Hindi novel "Shashwat Prem" is acclaimed by Hindi Academy, Delhi. A book of poems in Hindi published by Parvati Prakashan Indore. My books on Education are : Humour in Classroom, Human Resource Development in Education, Shkshan Kshetriya Manav Sansadhan Vikas and Microteaching. These days I am working on Spiritual Education Management Development.
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