Growing Up

Growing Up short poem

Photo by Tazrian Khan

I can remember when I was 5,
A time in my life where I would thrive,
I’d got so big I could go to school,
I tried to be good, not break the rules.

I can remember when I was 8,
To be 8 and a half I couldn’t wait,
I found it hard to keep inside,
I just wanted to burst with pride.

I can remember when I was 12,
Into hormones I began to dwelve,
I’d slam the doors, run to my room,
Then come back out smiling soon.

I can remember when I was 20,
Mistakes, well I had made plenty,
I had my hopes and I had my dreams,
I began to realise what life means.

I can remember when I was 50,
On my feet I was pretty nifty,
I no longer cared what others thought,
I pleased myself, the freedom it brought.

I don’t think I remember when I was 70,
They tell me memories I have plenty,
I’ve lost my marbles, old age did bring,
Now I cannot remember anything!!

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6 Comments on "Growing Up"

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Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj

Good, accurate and interesting account of life journey Angela McCrimmon. Happy new year 2016.

John Steven Amburgey

loved it still in my 50’s and still growing up great work

Vijayant Mehla

so beautifully written !

Randall Smith

Angela, I loved this except for the ending. I am over 70 and every day I remember something that brings a smile or a tear. And now with grandchildren I have someone to tell my stories to again.

Raghavendran Ramachandra Rao

A very fine poem recollecting every stage of life and recapitulating the activities that went with that age. Being myself at seven and seventy, l can very well relate to your experiences, You have summed up very well in the last stanza.


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