Mind First… Body Later

Mind First... Body Later short poem

Photo by Mr TGT

We see they are weary, their body in pain,
Their memory fails them time and again,
They look so scared, so lost and alone,
Nothing’s familiar like they’ve ever known.
Understanding we must always be,
Confusion and heartbreak is all they will see,
Their body so fragile it’s hard to believe,
They hold on to our hand when we try to leave.
Once so strong and now so frail,
Their mind so sharp, now their memory fails,
We talk but we wonder do they even know,
Respect is something essential to show,
We don’t know how much they do understand,
The only comfort we can give is our hand,
Locked in their world, words they can’t speak,
Once so strong and now are so weak.
We’ll be part of their care day after day,
When they’re lost somehow we will show them the way,
We can see them drift, their mind disappear,
When they’re scared reassure they have nothing to fear.
Sometimes we will see and we know in our heart,
That time’s running out, we knew from the start,
The stage of the illness we always can see,
So soon, so quick, it’s hard to believe.
The families hurt as they try to protect
For a moment they plead “please don’t take them yet”
One look we can see that they don’t have long,
We wonder if they know that something is wrong?
We must remember that they can still feel,
If care and compassion that we give is real,
Kindness and respect is the message we send,
So they can feel safe until the very end.

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