First Aid

First Aid short poem

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The most important thing to always remember,
At no point should you put yourself in danger,
For a moment step back, take time to assess,
However, act promptly, you were taught by the best.

You need to determine if they can respond,
Can they open their eyes, is their voice weak or strong,
You must reassure them, tell them your name,
You need to establish if they are in pain.

Are they conscious and are they able to breathe,
If so then recovery position to leave,
If not you must call for emergency help,
Possibly CPR by yourself.

Don’t panic, remember to think it all through,
Remember “Annie” you know what to do,
30 compressions, 2 breaths at a time,
The head and the chin to tilt and align.

Be proud, remain strong, you played your part,
However it ends you were there at the start,
Just put into practice all that you learned,
The pride you will feel is the pride you have earned.

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