Can’t Stand Your Absence

I don’t want to feel your presence
‘Coz I can’t stand your absence
You have been my dream
You have been my beam
I stand tall by your side
‘coz I knew you want me to.
But you make me feel your flare
While push me off aside
Your kiss is sweet but let me take my time.
Let me catch a breath
Before you make me your next
Let’s tango in the middle
And let the world revolve around us
Open your heart and whisper
All the little words that will turn me on,
And take me to your secret garden,
Where Love is found in all colors.
Find me when I am lost in the garden,
And grab me when I fall for you each time.
But I Love your presence
Like spring love blossoms
And desert loves rain.
But I don’t want to feel your presence
‘Coz I can’t stand your absence…….

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Ajin Kp

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if you and I were walking on a beach, you may prefer being mesmerized by the horizon while I choose to inspect introspectively the foot trails I leave behind!
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