The Phoenix That I Know

The Phoenix That  I  Know short poem

Uploaded by Dr.Indu Nautiyal

Nestled in the lap of a blooming tree
She had just begun to weave
Dreams of a sunny tomorrow .
But Fate had planned otherwise
And hatched a cruel plot
To nip her hopes in the bud .
A bolt from the blue
Hit her nest unawares
The lightening burnt the bough
And brought that sweet home down .
Too stunned by the sudden onslaught
To feel her own injuries
She lay petrified ,in the of her broken dreams .
But long before the deadening blow
Could mar her tough spirit
She rose up from the dust.
To fight and brave the odds
That seemed to frighten her
With slow but sure strife
She flew through mist and snow
Carving her own route to resurrection.
And lo !she made it at last !
Reaching the land of bright sunshine
She perched herself on the high olive tree, revived in zest and spirit again
. Yes ! there she is .
A hope reborn , a dream restored
And as she spreads her confident wings
to map the boundless sky
I rub my eyes in wonder
And ask myself
Does Phoenix belong to legends alone?

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Dr.Indu Nautiyal

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I have been a teacher for about four decades ,but even more than that , a student and learner all along --literature being my favourite subject with special love for poetry , a trait I seem to have inherited from my father,who was a very good poet ,it was he that instilled in me a deep love for poetry early in childhood . Starting as a science student ,I shifted to literature after graduation and and worked on Emily Dickinson's poetry for Doctoral degree. I don't claim to be a poet ,but do admit my inherent love for poetic utterances as and when I find them and sometimes feel inspired to give vent to my own emotions in words that seem to convey them .Honestly it happens quite effortlessly and also leaves me with an immense satisfaction .If it can be termed poetry ,all the more rewarding. .
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