Children Of The Divine

Well and I am you and you are me
We are one, one in the same
Breathe deep the spirit of life now
There’s no power on Earth like the
Power of us, there’s nothing stronger
Than the strength of love and where
There is faith in God there can be no
Fear as he draws us near, as he draws
Us near to his heart like Angels and
Yes and we have always existed if
Only in the mind of God we are the
Children of the Divine, souls intertwined
forever suspended in time the Children
The Children Of The Divine
Red, yellow, black or white we’re all the
same inside, we’ve all known some joy
and happiness, we’ve all known as some
pain and sadness, we’ve all made mistakes
and that is something that cannot be
denied but we are only human and far from
perfect, no not one man or woman but that’s
why we have an all loving and forgiving
Father who understands
So breathe deep the spirit of love ‘cuz I am
you and you are me and there is no power
on earth like the power of us
Children Of The Divine, souls intertwined
forever suspended in time, we are one, one in
the same Children born Of The Divine
Children Of The Divine!

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Bo Lanier

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Bo Lanier is from Chattanooga, Tennessee and has become an established poet with five books to his credit that were published in Canada. He received several achievement awards in creative writing through and has recently published two eBooks and one paperback book through After a nine year hiatus, Bo returned to publishing his poems with a new outlook and fresh ideas. His other talents include singing and songwriting.
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