The Journey

With luggage full of dreams,
The journey seems to start.
A vivid map to a destination,
Engraved in the traveller’s heart.

It takes a part of the journey
To realize that the map is fake;
Deceived by his own thoughts and intuitions,
Reaching the destination is not a piece of cake.

Then what is all the journey about?
Either experiencing the four seasons,
Withstanding the fall, to bear the summer fruits
Or does it have any other reasons?

At times the traveller becomes a dandelion,
Wandering in the Wind’s way,
Knowing his place of sojourning
Only at the end of the day.

Of course, it’s not a one man’s journey,
Always with compelled or forced company.
They either kill the traveller’s vibe
Or perfectly match with his heart’s symphony.

Maybe the purpose of the journey
Is to find a co-traveller,
To face storms, cross deserts and forests
And to watch the rainbow together.

The traveller might switch to be an explorer,
Exploring his inner-self and the outer world too;
Sometimes worrying over his future path
Or reminiscing about the days that flew.

So will there be a destination?
When all the maps are proven wrong?
No there’s not, it’s just about the traveller
Living his journey and staying strong!

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