Manifestations Of The Soulless Body

Manifestations Of The Soulless Body ode

Uploaded by Comfort Myambo

I apologize the Sun did not rise my side of the Earth.
Else I would have invited you into my house
And we would have drunk white wine with ice by the fire place.
Know you not the absence of the sun makes me cold
I’m burning up with the darkness that consumes me like a fiery flame.
I would have walked with you in the garden and watched the butterflies
Flap their wings that create their silent sound.
But don’t you know it is not safe to walk this time of day, midday?
Or perhaps under these conditions.
This absence of sun, night.
This absence of light has created a created a sharp tongue
Between my lips and an even sharper mind.

I apologize the Sun did not rise my side of the Earth.
Else I would have shown you round this mixed mind I call home,
God’s own blessing.
Yet a metaphysical misunderstanding
Between the Body and the Soul
Resulted in her early departure and never did she rise again?

I apologize the Sun did not rise, else I would have opened the door for you
But the devil himself has come knocking here twice
And no one knows the price I’ve paid to keep this door sealed tightly.

In my dream I saw an Egyptian Pharaoh
Riding of the back of a unicorn erotically pleading for me to climb on.
That was the first knock.

The second, a second voice in this empty room
Told me if I hanged myself I would not die.
Surely I could not die?
He must have been right, yet I fear not for my life
But for the endless fantasies and lost words that would die with me,
The voices of the dead that would never again manifest in me.

I apologize the Sun did not rise my side of the Earth.
Else I would have worn my black jacket and a tiara to suit your banquet
And spoke the gibberish that you have deemed fit for the ears
God damn it, not fit for the soul!

I apologized, but versions of events have lead to a spiritual lucidity
That has left my Body in the hands of Him and HIM.
And where is my Soul might you ask?
Half way round the Earth in the presence of the rising Sun.
Is that not where you left me?
Me rapped in a paper bag!
Me stuffed between your armpit as you made a quick getaway.
Ha! And what I would not recognize you, the thief that has come knocking thrice?

So for my lack of hospitality, I apologize.
The Sun did not rise my side of the Earth.

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