Under Your Nose

Under Your Nose short poem

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Dividing bridges in the grimace of time,
Earth peeled and uprooted in a perfidious chime,
Upholstery of ashes do perplex the sun,
Blurry vision does escape the wanton hun,
Moon braces for the evening sun,
Cradle of concrete that once careened,
Cherubic baby with lullabies of green,
Slovenly animals dance to the perils of extinction,
Slaughtered families with no child of soft dissension,
Parakeet hums of sombre portending,
Buried under the casket of variegated bingeing,
Dilapidated sky with holes charred and dowdy,
Breeze free from the fetters of rhapsody,
Of the billowing tribe in chains of gold,
Freedom and purpose an extraneous hold,
Search inimical and lost to the telling soprano,
Singing breath rendered to smokes of the evening Bo,
Valleys flattened and Mother in tatters,
Bellicose scattered and the Alluvium dream shattered,
Grass metamorphosed to grey and water of tungsten,
Brandished children in breeds of singleton,
We hold the jewels that our forefathers interred,
In bags of bones and easily deciphered,
Under the nose in pastel nooks of time,
God’s ubiquitous abound in simple dulcet rhyme,
Free and transcending the gangling crime.

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Neeshant Srivastava

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Neeshant Srivastava was born on the 23rd of June 1974 in the small East Indian town of Dharbhanga. He was evolved as a poet and prose writer over a period of more than ten years. He was also a freelance writer for some time and was considered an exemplary writer. He would love to share some of his work.
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