Prince Of Peace

Prince Of Peace prose poem

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He came to serve and not to be served But billions of people stand to serve Him He was not an orator But He spoke concepts that were never spoken

He has come with no credentials But become incredible credential Himself He has not come with any story But become the center of History

He did not write even a line But He led hundreds of thousands to write He was not a scholar But numerous scholars do research on His philosophy

He has not come to conquer wealth But He has conquered billions of heart He was deserted by His disciples But He was loving and merciful at them

He had suffered the bloodbath But He shown love and compassion as the path Crucifiers stopped His breath But He shown that He has control over death

He was crucified to death But He pleaded for their ignorance He was abused by co-crucifiers But He gave them a place in paradise

He has not come to mutely die But to confirm that He can rise from the death Crucifiers put Him to death But He shown at them, no wrath

He cannot be killed But to the divine plan, He willed He died like a criminal But He become the cardinal

He did not show His true power But became Himself the answer Crucifiers brought His life to end But His kingdom never ends

His crucifiers treated Him like a zero But in billions of hearts, He raised as hero He last uttered ‘it is finished’ But it is the old regime, that vanished

He was tied to the cross But it become the sacred symbol of Holy cross Crucifiers wished Him to get lost But for salvation, He become the guidepost

Death has not sealed His chapter But He become, for the Christian era, starter Jesus Christ was not a Prince But He remains as the Prince of Peace!

Above Poem is adapted from the eBook BIRD OF PARADISE AND OTHER POEMS by Mr. V.MUTHU MANICKAM who holds the Copyright.

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Blessed with the chance to be nurtured with the nature, the Author hails from a small town, downhill the Western Ghats of India. He is a double Post Graduate -in Commerce and in Management and also a Graduate in law. He is a Civil Servant serving the Government of India in the rank of Deputy Commissioner. He has published 14 (Fourteen) Collections of poetry (in English). 11 Books were published during 2014, 2 during 2015 and 1 during 2017. These 14 eBooks cover a host of genres and are live at
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