Creation Is A Violent Event

Some say it all started with a violent explosion, let there be light, a Big Bang. White hot plasma swirling around expanding in an amazing bound. After a while things cooled, came together, began to slow down. Hydrogen and helium gas began to collect when gravity made itself felt. Closer and hotter the gas became then sparked into light as the first stars were found. The alchemy of the Stars then occurred creating all the elements. More explosions, star death spewing the periodic table into space. Again and again the cycle occurred until enough was around. Now planets grew filled with the stuff. Comets asteroids smashing in mixing things up.
Then it happened, no one’s sure how, but life came in with hardly a sound. Life grew, fought, killed to to keep its head up. All along the evolution curve death an extinction can be found. Asteroids crashing in to change things around.
Death and destruction even today man against man, the evolution of creation in full three D display.

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2 Comments on "Creation Is A Violent Event"

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It is a wonderful story about creation and evolution told in a poetic language. In spite of all adversities life fights to survive. There is sort of epic grandeur in the poem. Fascinating !


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