The Corpse

The Corpse short poem

There lies the corpse
and the game is over,
who won and who lost doesn’t matter
because scavengers are closing in
and before they pounce on the dead,
it has to be removed
so that we can at least have the remains
of what was great…

But no one is helping me do that,
victors are rejoicing,
losers are shattered,
observers are debating,
and there lies the corpse
corpse of humanity…

I am unable to make out
who the scavengers are,
sometimes I see the faces of victors
with an ugly leer of lust and power
wanting to scavenge what all is left.
Sometimes I see the faces of losers
with the look of hatred and revenge
wanting to unleash fury and wrath
on what is left.
The observers are blind,
and the corpse still lies there…

I try to drag it
to lift it , carry it away
but more I try,
more heavy it becomes
and I feel this will be
till I become one
with the corpse…

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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3 Comments on "The Corpse"

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Satyaki Sarkar

Sad truth, nicely portrayed. 🙂

Sheena Mathew

Loved your writing!! I could picture it perfect.. Been through similar defeats.. Somethings cannot be explained, somethings are just experienced..


An insightful truth


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