Message To The Unborn Present

Message To The Unborn Present ode

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Be careful.
Strange things will happen
When you move out of the nest nicknamed reality…
Travel Safe

Down this mine.
Mind of gold.
Mine for gold
Mine for gold?
Never trade your mind for gold!

Never lie
Down dreaming of the Sun or God.
Son of God.
All we ever needed was a vague sign from God,
Or sign of God

Mother said, “Lord give this boy another sign…”

Forgot that you existed.
Broke you down so he could piece it.
But no
Peace did come losing his mind
To space and time.

Strange things will happen
When you cross the line, nicknamed truth,
That I promise you might regret

Perhaps only another day
Is what should be expected.

So don’t run to the ocean
Nicknamed the mind.
Don’t swim,
Don’t let your soul touch the sea.
But on the sand plant your feet
And wait you’ll see,
That the air might just be easy to breath.

Travel Safe
But go deeper at your own misery.

Strange things will happen
So I tell you:

Climb at you own expense
Dive at your own demise
Gain at your own loss
Find truth in the fable

But live.
Live, breath. sing, love, dance, and remember
Go deeper at your own peril…

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