Innocence short poem

I am no more innocent
but I still recall the child I was..

when I stared into the eyes of demon
and let him crumble me
me a passive entity
just trying to break free

I don’t remember when I last smiled
but yes, wept I remember
every time it happened
if not my eyes
then the soul within

I was so fragile
and he trampled me
over and over
naive I was
thought it to be my fate

why was it me
I don’t have the answer
but I still remember
the guilt, the fear
the restlessness
the darkness
the hopelessness

the shadows still haunt me
and will for time to come
I am and will always be fighting
the demon that lies within
to lay to rest the ghosts of past…

I am no more innocent
but still recall the child I was…

I lost my innocence
but am I to blame?
if I play the same game
with demons whom I know…

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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Kavita Jaitly

It’s really a good delivery of reality.

Kavita Jaitly

It’s a great piece of work.

destiny kay helms

it was very inspiring…it brings back the memories of when i hated the world and done stupid things letting demons control my life….i still do unintentionally but i love it unconditionally because i never change and i dont think i ever will but this poem is more than just a reminder it is and will become much much more…………….great work…..keep on writing


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