Zeus ode

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A man I love sits very still
though his skin I have never touched
He calls to me
yet, his voice I’ve never heard
His beard is thick
but never grows any longer
I look into his eyes
but see no emotion in his stony stare
He is a god
powerless in his current state
except for the power he holds
over me
Others pass before him
but he remains motionless; waiting
This man, I love, and remains in place
each day passes as the one before
the sun rises – then sets
Soon, my love, I call to him
I shall stand before you once again
There, when we meet again
I will quietly thank artistic visions
Bernini’s gift of you to me
We will sit once again together
stony silence loud enough to hear
oceans apart

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I am so glad you are here. Please make yourself at home, here, next to the arm-chair. Let us talk of poetry and life; let us laugh and crack jokes; let us rule the world with our lofty thoughts and electrodes for those out of line.Most likely I will pee a little when we laugh, and my thoughts are usually random rather than lofty, but you know what they say: “The dog of the exceptional wisdom has the bird of sleeping monkeys in his dreams!”Anyway, I was talking to a guy the other day who was high on pot (he was standing on the toilet) and I mentioned my fear of bush hogs and roaches. He comforted me and then asked why I was in the stall with him.So there you go, my full life story nowhere on this page. I feel like we know each other so much better now. Sometimes I’m serious, sometimes I seriously funny, sometimes I’m seriously gassy. I am at all times grateful for your support.If you have an idea to share, or just want to drop a line, you can contact me at peanuttyoh@yahoo.comBe excellent to each other and glitter on glitterbombs.
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