An Urchin Love

With an empty pocket, and an attitude
He strolls down the streets……
With an empty heart, an empath he is
Swings by swindlers, a philanthropist,
Little lunatic street urchin he is…….
When night falls Kevin watches upon others
Like fathers on their sons and daughters.
They saved a special place for him and
He earned a little respect among them.

Was only sixteen, but looked double the age.
Nature has made him hard and rustic,
And he walks bare feet with absolute pride.
In the upper pocket of his torn shirt
He had his collection of chocolate wrappers,
A pride, display of possession,
the best he could own from where he stood.
Where ever he went a cat named Lily followed
And she is the only reason he believed in trust.

Poverty couldn’t steal their smile
And the little they had was ample
For the small appetite they had.
The market place was flooded with
Urchins like him, but none lived the courage
Dirt never stopped him from dreaming,
hoping one day he could be there, among the great
who bought the mansion at the end of town,
away from noises and smells of the crowd.

Seasons change like mystery in madness
Summer make him sweat, and winter freeze,
Rain drenches his bed and Lily hides in a trunk.
When some helpless odd passerby asked help
He lends and they pay him enough for food
Hunger was never lucky to keep him awake
But he had some buddies, some his age, some older
Together they ruled the world of nothingness.
And there was nothing but audacity and pride.

Time passed by with no regrets
They grew older by day, but not old
Trouble was far from their way of life
Responsibility to them meant nothing
They followed the wind and pooled the levy
Who knew about tomorrow?
Or what was the next in store.
Life on streets is free as birds
Bards could sing and dogs could howl.

It was spring when he first saw her
Sandra was a fruit seller and looked magical
Blue eyes and blond hair made her a diva.
Kevin only an urchin had nothing to offer,
So he started saving to buy her a chocolate,
The only luxury he could offer.
He put all his money in a crack by his bed
Thinking one day he would have enough
Thence followed the sleepless nights until…….

It’s been a month and still not enough
Hard work and hunger started to wear him out.
She never knew as he watched her from a distance.
“Love is one magical being” he thought to himself
Until then he was a free bird and now he is chasing ghosts.
All this while he worked, yet a penny short
Just before he could earn the last penny
His hooligan friends stole the money.
He was shattered, but not disheartened.

Like, in such desperate times comes help from Thee.
Such was Mr. Roger, a suave gentleman from uptown
Offered to clean his boot for a penny a day
And he made enough money with in no time.
Now the time came to buy the best chocolate
And gift wrap it with symbol of hearts on it.
That day Sandra stood in yellow skirt and a black top
While the little urchin walked shyly towards
with his wrapped chocolate in one hand and
the other covering the torn parts of his rugged shirt.

She greeted when he came near but he froze
Words won’t come out and his hands trembled
She was smart enough to know his heart
And took it from his hand and relished his love.
Winked to let him know her desire, but
Mr. Wagner, her father entered the scene
And broke the love bubble brewing.
Dragged and threw him where he belonged, street!
Cupid played his part, but fate writes a separate story.

With a crumbled heart he disappeared into the crowd,
crushed by his own thoughts lowliness befriended him.
A tryst was the only way out and he sent her a message
When they met the night glowed more than the usual
And they could see each other’s excitement
He promised under the moonlight that he belongs to her
And none could intervene the destiny.
But he must be his own man before
He asks her hand in marriage.

Sadness clouded her at the thought of departure,
But Kevin packed the little he had and took Lily with him
and the next morning walked east seeking worth.
Days passed before he could find some petty odd jobs.
But nothing weighed him down and kept moving
Finally on a fine morning he entered the grandeur
Of the glossy city where roads where rushed with cars
And people wore fine suits on a normal day to work.
And confectionery filled the air in fragrances.

Mrs. Hudson an old baker was the only soul
Willing to trust the urchin and hire him.
The store was smeared with flour dust,
And smell of coco and sugar, and baked cake.
A fantasy came true to a fanatic of confectioneries.
So he lived and learned to mix the ingredients of love
In the heat of hot oven and die, and bring out the beauty.
Out of all Chocolates remained his favorite,
Coco beans, coco butter, sugar, lecithin, vanilla
And the die baked in oven and cooled in heaven
Sweetness that could melt your soul was ready.

Mrs. Hudson entrusted in him all she had
And he grew out from that old street urchin
Decent clothes were in reach and
Life cannot throw him back on streets.
Time flew by and he saved enough
To by his dream mansion at the end of town
It was time to return for his Love
He prepared a special chocolate
In shape of doll, looks like her.

Mrs. Hudson by now knew his story
And wished him luck for his Love
Eager to see the surprise on the face of
Sandra he was overwhelmed
But Mr. Wagner’s he could not fathom
A little happy, a little scared, he walked back.
It was Night at its darkest when he reached
And he remembered all the little things
That once made his days fly.
The next morning before the sunrise
He was wide awake, as if waiting for ages,
For this one moment is history,
And rushed to the spot where she had her stall
Waited and waited but she never came.
He asked around only to find out they were gone.
Broken heart felt like that, he knew it for the first time
The world dissolved into a melted chocolate
That bloated through his palm.

Strolled the streets he was raised and visited his bed
and the only thing he still had from those days
Was Lily in her fluffy fur and smiley face
that never vanished with his footing.
Love is nothing but a skipping beat
When her memories haunt you lose the grip.
And it happens for a while until you realize
Wind never belongs, it only blows.
She was like that, just gone, blue eyes……..

Money and new art was the craft
Shards were picked up and decided to move on
That’s the fate of an orphan street urchin.
But life is offering something different,
Now the mansion at the end of town was his,
And opened a bakery named after her.
‘Sandra bakery’ was the only of its kind
Chocolates being specialty, fame reached far.
Kevin the urchin still felt the missing in him.
Some nights he slipped into his old bed
And hung out with his old buddies
Some he helped by giving a job,
Slowly he realized his purpose
In this new world without her.
Still he thought to himself
“Love is a magical being and it can
turn life upside down”
Slowly puzzles were getting clearer.

Forgetting is not the easy part
But good things can repeat.
Across the street came a crystal shop
With Miss. Carla and her brown eyes and raven hair
Just made her special like the chocolate he made.
Destiny meant her to walk in to his store for a chocolate
And her craving made his heart skip a beat once again.
Life bloomed in town like before and every bit seemed fair.
She looked prettier than her crystal bowls and chandeliers.

Who knew she felt the same for a baker too
They wandered the streets together holding hands
And bards sang their song and birds whistled while they passed.
In the meadows butterflies flavored the colors and
They together matched the humming of the bee
And blossom of flowers were relished in eyes for years to come.
Love has the magic to bring an urchin to the world
And raise him to a gentleman, suave and refined.
Love can find its way through the odds of life, on and off.
Finally they were married in style
Portrayal on crystals and chocolates were made
Cakes were served and smiles were spread.
The town had never seen a transform like his
A dreamer who built his story on love
Is like a sailor who sailed across just in wind.
Stories are always told after
But the beginning has to be tangled
For the narrator to find a twist
And their grandchildren slept after listening
To the adventure night after night……….

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