May Her Soul Rest In Peace

May Her Soul Rest In Peace short poem

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The smile,the face ,the glory you shone
Will there be in our hearts
Perhaps did the time past so fast
That now we have remains of you in our hearts

May her soul rest in peace
May the god give’em some heal
You will ever stay here
Never but ever , forever near
To us , darling you bright flower

Now it’s only thoughts and tears
Not your smile and only our fears
Perhaps did the time past so fast
That now we have you in our
Hearts and only in our minds

And we pray for’em and you
“May her soul rest in peace”
“May your star shine bright at night”
“May her soul rest in peace”

(for Anushka G. specially)
Sister , dont worry about the world
I will tell you all about it
when I’ll see you again

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i am a FANGIRL!!!!! i am a young , wild and free girl who has just turned 13 and is not yet ready to enter the world of responsibilities and . my poem are not that gr8 but i still love to jot them down in my diary.
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