Fall Fall O Water Falls – Poem By Shuvo Chakraborty

Fall Fall O Water Falls   Poem By Shuvo Chakraborty long poem

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Fall, fall, o water falls
From peeping cliff of mountain walls
Fall, o fall.
Angel of heavy downpour.
Thy careless treading on shapeless stairs
Burst out in very next delve
Laying bare the weary water slope.
Lass of joyous birth
Have unblemished heart of whiten mirth
Whistle away ye noisy ride
Over forlorn fairy hills.
Never paused, never stopped
Container of endless girth,
Warming the cold stony bed through profuse kissings
Though lips you have of glacier origin.

Stepping huntress with rainbow bow
Setting targets over mountains’ cluster
Skirting ye whatever real and actual ere us
Avoiding all whatever despairing unlike of human souls.
Friend of vibrant green, foe of morbid stagnation
Wanderer of million years
Beneath the pedestal of watchful frozen peek.
Daughter not of earth born
Never laden with lingering clouds
Of chained passion with tensed patterns
What we mortals often tend to cherish.
Never coy, never ploy, wither not in sorrowful contemplation
Heavenly wise of eternal happiness through philosophic bent.

Unknown your concealed cradle
Under forest deep of mountain saddles
Oozing out from frozen womb of snow, thy foster mother and
With paternal care of roaming mists.
Grown up with harping beetles
The Loud legions of Eve breed.
You child of natural growth with hectic run
Ever enriching thy divine education
In distant run with accompanying nature
All to which we are unmindful and indifferent.
Fall, fall, o waterfalls,
Ceaseless dancer of reasoned flow,
Appearing though a mammoth trespasser
But summary of streaming joy, forever.

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Shuvo Chakraborty

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lecturer and advocate in university and incometax tribunal. an english poet and diehard follower of john keats
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