A Simple Smile And A Sweet Hello

A Simple Smile And A Sweet Hello long poem

Uploaded by Min Wil

There was a girl about the same age as I
I could tell from her posture and her absent voice that she was very shy.
Did I go to her and offer my friendship? No I just walked away
the further I stepped the more I had wished I stayed.

Time went on about a week or two and I never forgot her face
as little a presence she had-still I could not erase.
I wondered where she was and what she might be doing
My mind was at a state of unrest-constant imagination brewing.

Funny thing is I don’t know what was the appeal
all I know is how the thought of her makes me feel
now I stand asking myself why I didn’t try?
to get to know her instead of passing by

I never saw that girl again until I was much older
I felt a small tap-a tapping on my shoulder
It was her again, that girl-that girl!
I mustn’t waste this second chance, so precious as a pearl

She just wanted to say hello, because she didn’t long ago
I replied the same, and her smile began to grow
I apologized for not saying a word before
she nodded her head and said the same and more

She told me that day was a tough one indeed
she’d just lost her father, mother and her sister who was three
to a raging fire that broke out in their home
that day she was guilt ridden and all alone

My heart sank deep into the pit of my gut
an insane sensation like a knife twisting in a cut
I hugged her close and sorrys rang out
repeatedly like a water out a spout

She thanked me for my kindness and conversation
I was moved by an entirely new sensation
I dropped to my knees and wept in my hands
she knelt down beside, countless tears like sand

I cannot recall how long we sobbed that day
I cannot remember at all who passed by our way
All I know is that I will never pass another soul
without a simple smile and a sweet hello.

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Hello, My name is Minnie, I am 31 years old and live in PA . I am the children's book author/illustrator of Just ask my mom and dad/SOCKS, I also write poetry and have been a production assistant for over 7 years. I have been writing short children stories and poetry since I was very young-I enjoy it and take every opportunity to share my work with others.
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Deovarat Sharma

Thanks a lot Minnie for sharing such beautiful and thoughtful heartfelt write. Reading your post makes mind kool and feelings of caring.


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