Project Green Light

Project Green Light long poem

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What is this entity that’s entered my body?
Day by day now I feel myself slipping away
Slowly fading into a memory…
I fight tooth and nail to overcome this alien
Attack so I can warn the world of this true
And freaky sci-fi story…
Well and it happened somewhere around
The Andromeda galaxy during a power
Surge and black out but nobody remembers
Anything but me…
NASA said all the preliminary tests were normal
And congratulated us on a job well done but
They were wrong and had no idea of the threat
We would become…
Our whole purpose now is to populate the Earth
With an ancient and hostile off spring and
Create and brand new species for a brand new
Feeding ground and to alert the others when we
Have the upper hand that they may also join us
Around the world in every city and every town…
If NASA had only known the repercussions of
Project Green Light and what it would have
Manifested its self into they would not had
Let us return to big blue but now this is to warn
The rest of you…
Save what you can of the Human race from this
Alien invasion from deep space…
This is no doubt my last chance to tell you of
This bizarre and twisted horror story but fact can
Sometimes be stranger than fiction as in the case
Of Shuttle destiny and Project Green Light!

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Bo Lanier is from Chattanooga, Tennessee and has become an established poet with five books to his credit that were published in Canada. He received several achievement awards in creative writing through and has recently published two eBooks and one paperback book through After a nine year hiatus, Bo returned to publishing his poems with a new outlook and fresh ideas. His other talents include singing and songwriting.
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