Death Pride

Death Pride short poem

Oh mighty creator, please hear my breathless prayer,
Before I enter the battle become a ruthless slayer,

Thank you for keeping me good & alive,
For being with me, helping me survive,

In this cold harsh winter you have been my heartbeat,
Victory in our aggression and hope in our retreat,

Its been hours since that drop of water, days since that last meal,
Death & destruction bring us joy in this tough testing ordeal,

Oh Lord give me strength for I have to carry on,
I have to fight till my death or until they are gone,

A million bullets I have dodged and still many more are left,
This Merchant of Death is out for shopping-no room for theft,

Enemy Bombs & tanks have caused havoc in my brave regiment,
They will pay with their horrible death-that’s our determined sentiment,

I Have witnessed machines collapse & my colleagues die,
In war probability is the truth , certainty is surely a lie,

Moment after moment , day after day we will continue our man slaughter,
Oh Lord , If i die take care of my loving wife, cute son & darling daughter,

If missiles get over then bombs…
If bombs get over then bullets…
If bullets get over then bayonets…
If bayonets get over then bare hands !

But the battle will go on !!!for a soldier’s duty is to just fight,
To protect the motherland , defeat the enemy-that’s our right,

I dream not of pleasure or pain…
I fantasize not of riches or fame…
I only dream of serving the nation…

Dear Lord,
I neither ponder nor desire for heaven or hell…
Just allow me to serve my country well!
Just allow me to serve my country well!

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