Dear Santa…

Hello Santa, do you remember me,
I wrote you a letter last year,
I’ve been the good girl I promised I’d be,
Even though it may not always appear.
I tried so hard never to cry,
When I didn’t get my own way,
To compromise I really did try,
Even when I had so much to say.
I told my brother if he was good,
I’d let him play here with me,
I’m sorry Santa, I never should,
Have stolen his 50p.
I told my Mum I’d tidy my room,
‘Cause that’s what you said I should do,
You told me you would be back soon,
I just had to do this for you.
I chose a few of my own little toys,
I know it’s important to share,
I gave them to other girls and boys,
I wanted to show them I care.
Santa I’ve put up a neon sign,
So you can remember to stop,
I know that you managed to find it last time,
But I am just scared you forgot.
I’ve left you a cookie like I said I would,
A nice big glass of milk too,
A carrot incase Rudolph needs food,
And an extra mince pie for you.
For what I asked I’ve changed my mind
I hope it’s not too late to say,
Dear Santa I only want you to find,
Peace, so I can give it away.

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