Anything Is Possible.

Anything Is Possible. prose poem

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Where did you come from?
Every ancestor you ever had, had to beget with who they begot.
If any link in the chain begot with someone different.
If someone turned left instead of right.
You’d not be here today.
By being here today you won the infinity lotto.
Some say this place we exist in is just one of many.
They say in fact the number of realities existing in parallel is infinite.
Different links in different chains, infinitely so.
It was , therefore, inevitable you’d appear in at least one.
You, your soul, your spirit your conciseness is eternal.
Moving though different realms of existence for any number of reasons. Maybe you have much to learn before you arrive.
Maybe immortality gets dull and boring.
You live finite packets of reality infinitely with no connection to keep things fresh and interesting.
Maybe something else is going on.
A finite mind can’t know all the infinite makes possible.
Since you can’t know what’s possible, anything is possible.

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