My Christmas Love Letter

My Christmas Love Letter long poem

Uploaded by Teitei Stanley

Dear Sweetness,

The very day I saw your fair, pretty face I noticed a spark between us.
Though, it took a little bit longer for us to completely know each other…
It’s a silly thing to ignore you.
It’s the best thing to adore you.
Dreams are now my favorite, because I dream of you the most…
Hopes are like a Marathon race that I’m not seeing the finish line.
Thoughts are precious because even my best time is spent thinking about you and how I can write free lines to please you.
These words might be mellifluous, but I’m not with the intent to tease you.
I cannot count the Alphabets, even the few I remember are the spelling of your name.
I’m thinking of a happy time with you, smile with you, embrace you and ask you for a kiss that would make me forget the New Year and postpone Christmas.
I mean it, I love to see you smile and laugh over my Ijaw accent.
Your love is a gift, it’s a real Christmas present…
Shop with you either on Delta Mall, Shoprite…
Sit together with you at a round table, holding hands, Share Ice cream with you at Kilimanjaro.
Spend and lose nothing because you would be my capital like Cairo.
Love is a Course, and you are the dissertation I am writing with a biro.
As you are precious like a pearl you shouldn’t be thrown to a swine.
So, I guess that’s why I’m here to make you smile and drink only wine.
The winter is cold, it’s followed by a Harmattan wind that dries my lips.
I am feeling love curves below zero degree, I think I’m freezing…
The smokes and flames of the burning Christmas candles remind me of the season approaching,
While the Carol songs give me reason to share the gift of love with you.
I wanna love you—more than I’ve ever loved.
Because you bandaged and healed my broken heart.
You are popular and important in my life like money,
I guess that’s part of the reasons I wanna call you honey!
We are connected and they can’t guess our Theory of Relativity not even Albert Einstein.
I promise, I will Love and cherish you, even though we in the end time.
We might be the most popular couple in the world only if you can let me be your man.
Can’t we be like Kanye and Kim?
I can’t think of another nightmare, I’m only thinking of dream.
I’m looking at you in my mind’s eyes,
A perfectly designed being like mother Eve in the Garden.
I pray we last longer and glitter together like a Sapphire..
You are more precious than a crystal I have ever desired.
Baby, I love you and I wanna prove it in the best way I can.
I need a force to hold us together with the likes of Electrovalent bond.
Sorry, I might have nothing good to say,
All I have to say is that I’m missing you.
I miss every bit of you, and love to hear that nice chuckle when you tell me you are stronger than me..
I have always loved to cuddle that your smooth, soft body,
snuggle you around while I snore to my sweetest slumber.
And kiss everywhere from your lips down below your chin….
I admit it, I’m a bad boy!
Just waiting for the day you’ll repent me like a Born-again Christian.
You are a rare gem like a Diamond from Sierra Leone.
I miss those happy moments, and I feel alone.
Please take me everywhere with you like a handbag.
I wanna follow you around and across the city.
Please take an empathetic look at me and show me some pity.

Yours Only Heart,

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Teitei Stanley

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I am Teitei Stanley. I was born into the undeveloped bushy-watery part of Nigeria, to speak the most interesting and self-expressive language called Ijaw (Izon).As i grow I learn to earn knowledge and understanding from all reliable source - from the Bible, from my parents, teachers and some of those who decide to correct me when I am wrong.I love music as a teen, and preoccupied so much of my time listening to a great many genre of music.. I have so many vaulted thoughts which I would divulge in poetry. I just follow no rule in my writing, because I believe we are all poets born to speak our mind in whichever way comprehensible. I think the way I write would set a standard for future generation. So, I freestyle the way I write my poems to gain no coin, but to at least gain AP points.
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