Lighter Than A Feather

Lighter Than A Feather prose poem

Uploaded by Angel Victor

Lighter than a feather, when weighed on you though, never heavier,
Rain in the storm, blown away I’m torn, open up, it’s not like the norm
Adored but not shown, praises that become worn,
Show me the love, where’s the fire, are we in a desert storm
I’d make love to you like the eye of the heat, the heat of the warmth,
as the praises of a king, the elevation of a queen’s throne
See that’s the beauty of a good girl groomed well on the streets,
she’s the epitome of a wife yet she’s the most desirable babe you want in your sheets
To love you is to selflessly put you before me, but also, want all of you to me only……
To please you with every inch of my body but want every inch of your skin on mine,
that’s merely touching the tip of this escalation we’re about to hit,
anything but everything only prime The beauty of this intimacy,
they bash this gift of love, yet love is the root of this unity,
I guess my body’s wired to yours I’m just prone to be.
They call us crazy, b’cos being committed to one is next to impossible
yet every relationship begins with a chase that seems to be endlessly solvable

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Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj

“They call us crazy, b’cos being committed to one is next to impossible”
Wah !
Well said. Congrats Angel Victor……


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