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Repentance of things past and presence, and anticipated misdoings shall be of utmost importance. I shall be more open and vulnerable, being more willing to “Be Wrong”.

Evils that are both subtle and also blatant shall be exposed, fought against, and prayed about.
I shall determine that my voice be heard more by both God in prayer, and to my fellow man.

Salvation of the human race is not a given, but we must seek powers higher than our own.
It shall be my intent to further awareness that “We” are lost when left to our own devices.

Options shall be my pathway to channels unknown before, but presently golden opportunities. Unacceptable behavior and destructive forces should not be left alone, because they’ve always been that way, and “because we’ve always done it that way”.

Lucky shall not be any dream of mine, but I with the Almighty shall prosper and assist many. The harder I work, and the more I pray, and the kinder I become, the luckier I get.

Until everyone knows, I shall consider it my duty to tell them that they are loved by God.
The knowledge of God and His love for us changes everything.

Teachable is what I have always wanted to be, and the future me shall be no less.
The wisdom that comes from God is teachable and affords us the ability To go beyond being understood, and opens our hearts to understand.

Immovable shall be the word for the values that must never perish, and that I forever cherish. Descending from a generation of “Absolutes”, and pushed onto a bandwagon of “Situation Ethics”, I shall continue with values that do not change like the wind.

Onward and upward I shall go, more bolder, ever hopeful, unselfish, and never looking back. Regardless of the destruction and pain that I see, there is a world of promise just ahead.

Never giving up, in, or out; never doubting truth; never allowing evil to persist without a fight. I will continue utilizing the scales of solid truth that shall outlast the fading vapors of evil.

Solutions to mankind’s problems were gifted to every generation, and I too shall assist for the good. You and I are gifts on loan by God Almighty to our generation, and we must use them to make our world a haven of love and peace.

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I am a retired minister and the husband of Barbara for 42 years. We reside in Sacramento ,Ca. We have two sons and a daughter, and we are the proud grandparents of 6 children.
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