Finding Paradise!

Finding Paradise! long poem

When I was a little girl, my dolls would speak to me,
As my friends for fight and play, they helped me be free!
When I was a little girl, I would happily eat chocolate,
The brown bars , the sugar rush! No worries of putting on weight!

When I was a little girl and saw the world around,
I found bliss in the pool, the park and oh yes, the playground!
When I was a little girl, I could run and scream and laugh..
It never mattered what I wore or the dress didn’t match my scarf!

Friends and family were a source of joy, like they are meant to be
But as I grew things changed, I suddenly couldn’t be free.
It started to matter what I wore ,especially how I looked,
How cultured was I, how well behaved
Could I sing, dance or at least cook?

Why did it happen I do not know, I am sure no one to judge,
I don’t love them any lesser now, I do not bear a grudge…
But my childhood was my paradise, it let me just be me,
Inhibitions were never a challenge, as I always felt free!

So I ask, each of you, all of you at once,
Those who still have the time, even those who’ve lost their chance.
What is it that changes, as we all grow?
Are all of you too in doubt, is anyone in the know?

What is childhood, nothing but, the paradise of life,
But to get there in the afterlife, is every mortal’s strife!
It’s wonderful how simple it is, to let the child in you still live,
He will teach you to laugh and love, to share, to care, to give!

It is a time when the mind is pure, there is innocence in the heart,
The end result doesn’t matter, as much as the start!
“What’s in it for me?” a child would hardly worry about.
But would give himself to the task at hand, and that is beyond doubt!

You wish to attain paradise but make life on earth your hell!
The afterlife is a mystery unknown, But this is where you dwell!
So try and live every day in the likeness of your birth,
Be that child, clean and pure, keep away the dirt!

Do not care about the world, they don’t live like you,
Be bold, be different, be yourself, Only you deserve your due.
Make every day your paradise, live each moment with true worth,
That’s the plan the Big Man up there, had for you since birth!

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3 Comments on "Finding Paradise!"

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Editorial Board

Such an interesting verse about a truth known to all of us and yet one that evades our grasp too…to keep that child within alive – The essence of Finding Paradise!

Kavita Jain

a child in us never dies till we dont strangulate ,why everyday we can live our paradise ,beautiful

Muhammad Khalid Khan

Nostalgic feelings interwoven in a beautiful poem.



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