To Fall In Love

To Fall In Love long poem

Uploaded by Carol Aka Carebear

I have learned to smile to hide my frown, to laugh to hide my tears, to take Criticism as a form of joking. I play my music and dance to my own beat. That’s my safe place.

Then One day I found another heart to listen to my music and our hearts beat as one. I found my real smile, my real laugh, I realized I had forgotten what it felt like to fall in love, To be in love, and not just love.

Then one day it comes to this again. I’m back to dancing to my own beat and listening to my own music alone again.

I’ve learnt a lot from this. I also got to feel what it’s like to be in Love all over again instead of just loving someone. And that is one thing that hurts the most is I lost my one Love who has a piece of my heart that I can’t get back. Because he walked in my life at a time I wasn’t expecting and at a time I couldn’t run.

I will always be Thankful that I got another chance to feel what it’s like to be in Love again.

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