Lady In White

Lady In White ode

Photo by J P Davidson

Black from face,
A living grace,
Behold her!!!
She is the ‘Lady In White’.

Flying High,
Her consort’s cape,
Died in War,
She is the ‘Lady In White’.

Tears escaping,
Exuding her eyes,
Rolling through her cheeks,
She is
the ‘Lady In White’.

Oh look!!!
A Widow,
Not a curse,
Only for thy evil eye,
She is an Albatross,
Flying High.

For the Sun-still at dusk,
She is the Dawn,
Looking for her Son,
She requires nothing,
She is the Saint,
She is the Nun.

While the soldiers were at war,
their lives, their souls,
All at par,
She was the one,
more insecured, more diffident,
She was ‘ The Lady In White’.

And yet you call her,
A deviant, a living venom!!!
Guardarla carefully,
For she is the rose,
She is,
‘the delphinium’.

While thou enjoyed bacchanalian revelry,
She was the one,
Attending her Soldier’s mortuary.
She is the petal,Tears are her disgust
For she is in a society,
A community,
full of the rich, and the lust.

She is, and always will be,
Serine, sublime.
Her Soul-Eternal.
Her Eyes-A deep ocean,Mystical.
Yet her heart,
A pumping cemetary,
A living graveyard,

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