A Second Chance

A Second Chance long poem

Photo by NSPaul

Time drifted us,
Love lost its charm,
Self replaced ‘together’,
Ego took over command,
The bygone torments its very existence,
Wish we could give it a second chance.

A magical world surrounds,
Mysterious yet beautiful
A castle we build,
of dreams and goals,
A perfect embodiment for our connected souls.
A promise delivered,
To maintain our small realm ,
Inscribed in these walls,
Yet …..the glass breaks.

The mirage…. a thought called happiness,
Lurking to reveal its true self,
A turbulent storm rises,
Swallowing the special moments,
Ripping us each day,
The hollow, incomplete fellows,
Stand there unaware of happening.

I look for the person I knew once,
Shouting at top of the hill,
All I hear is my Echo,
A cold alarming shrill.

Difference of priorities,
Diversion of paths uncovered.
One took a back seat in game called life,
While other ambitions took him forward.

This little beast has grown,
I see your imprint in him,
Afraid to peep in those innocent eyes,
Reminding me of his father
He asks me questions,
I dodge ,
No answers yet again,
He makes a cute grumpy face,
I tickle till he laughs ,
A Sigh , as tears roll down,
An ignorant Relic of our jittery past.

LIFE a lesson itself,
We learned the hard way,
For once if we could communicate,
And truly relieve our old days.
The regret eats me within,
Had I just once looked back.
The things would have been different ,
Had we given it another chance.

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