Being Alive

Being Alive short poem

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Being Alive is to feel the breath…that cannot be felt after the death…

Being Alive is to feel yourself beyond the senses…that capture your spirit in all the instances…

Being Alive is to feel the real you…feeling the consciousness, pruning the virtual you…

Being Alive is to feel yourself as nature’s most beautiful creation… to be yourself without the shadow of others’ reflection…

Being Alive is to feel your inner self beyond the tags of money, position, power, gender, caste, colour, and creed… realizing all what matters is only your good deeds…

Being Alive is to feel the higher perspective in this transient life… to gain the knowledge of your spiritual side…

Being Alive is to shower sheer love, kindness and generosity… to manifest your being in all its humanity…

Being Alive is to feel the essence of your very existence in life… to liberate your soul beyond the worldly clutter, awaken yourself and rise…

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Ardent, Curious, Compassionate and Daring... Amicable, Assertive, Humorous and Caring...Always keen to seek life’s spree… Happy-Go-Lucky is what defines Me…Writing and Poetry blesses my existence with a goal… Dance and Music satiates my soul…Freaking out and Traveling tickles my senses with craziness of retreat… Photography and sketching captivates my heart beat…Playing Ping Pong makes me feel absolutely exciting… Delightful cuisines just intensify my gourmet craving…Appreciation and love from my Special people makes me go on… I am an admirer of Love, Beauty and Art in all forms!!!Hi friend... To tell you a bit more, being technical/content writer by profession, my heart possess immense love for poetry and writing. I am an active lifestyle blogger too. My blog is called "The Seed of Joy - JRM's oeuvre". URL:
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