Stand Up

They say we should stand for something so I’m standing for this,
A voice for the broken, to ensure we’re not dismissed,
An example of the fact that you should not discriminate,
We don’t dislike ourselves, it’s just the illness that we hate.

We don’t want to wear a label to help you to define,
Whatever mental illness takes over our minds,
To you a diagnosis, to us it’s a compromise,
Our place within society and all that it implies.

We are all individuals yet quite often just the same,
We get off the rollercoaster then we get back on again,
We have much more wisdom that the credit we are due,
That’s why I’m going to fight to try and educate you.

We don’t want “attention”…it’s “understanding” that we seek,
All we want is you to listen when we find the strength to speak,
It’s important that you are aware our opinion counts too,
It’s crucial you realise what your ignorance can do.

I won’t drown anymore in the sadness or the shame,
If I get knocked down I’ll get back up and fight again,
I’ll fight for the many damaged injured souls,
And for all the self respect that our mental illness stole.

Most of all I’ll stand up for what I truly do believe,
The things so clear to me yet what they do not perceive,
The things that I have learned as I’ve travelled on my way,
I’ll stand up for the reasons I am standing here today

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