Who Will They See?

Who Will They See? long poem

Photo by jasonbolonski

I tried so hard to tell them but they just couldn’t see,
The person they were seeing wasn’t really me,
The person I was begging them to somehow help me find,
The person that I was before I’d lost my mind!

It’s like they’d seen the illness and they couldn’t look beyond,
They had their own assumptions of the way I would respond,
They had their own opinion on behaviour I displayed,
They didn’t understand me and it left me so afraid.

I knew how hard I’d fallen, I knew I was unwell,
I tried to make them see but it seems they couldn’t tell,
Now I’m getting better and I’m getting on my feet,
I hope that they are seeing this every time we meet.

I hope they can see this other person standing here,
I hope they can see that my mind is sharp and clear,
I can only pray that they truly comprehend,
The difference in me now compared to way back then.

I guess I’ll never ask and they might never tell,
I pray they’re taking note of the “real me” when I’m well,
That way I’d rest assured that next time they would see,
Whether they are dealing with the illness or with me.

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