Who Cares

Who Cares long poem

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You look at me like I give a damn,
I’m so sorry to disappoint,
I think you forget just who I am,
Quite frankly I don’t see the point.

Why can’t you see I really don’t care,
If you stay here or if you go,
I promise your heart I’m going to tear,
Not one bit of remorse will I show.

I think you’re just a waste of time,
I wouldn’t give you the time of day,
I don’t want you in this life of mine,
I warn you, get out of my way.

You’ll get up and I will tear you down,
Just stay right where you are,
I’ll taunt you when no-one else is around,
I’m always watching you from afar.

I will laugh if you even begin to try,
You’re a really pathetic case,
Yeah go on..that’s right…just cry,
Look at you, all over the place!

Yeah, whatever, I don’t care what you say
‘Cause all I can hear is noise,
I think it’s time you walked away,
While you still have a choice!!

What do you mean that you won’t go,
What do you mean you care,
Why are you telling me that you know,
And you will always be there.

I cannot cope, I’m fighting tears,
I can’t cope with this at all,
I’ve never had someone in all these years,
Care enough to break down my wall.

It’s hard to see why you’d never leave,
No-one has cared in the past,
The tears they fall, I can barely breathe,
Someone finally loves me at last.

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I loved this, it was like having a sudden revelation, I can relate to the words easily..

Randall Smith

Angela, with this starting out so dark I almost quit at the second stanza. I got deeper into it as I read and the last stanza was so very well written. Going to have to read some more of your writings.


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