All About Her

All About Her short poem

Uploaded by Brock DeWitt

From the twinkle in her eyes
Oh the way they sparkle even when she cries
The way her smile rises from each cheek
Feelings she gives me that make me weak.

They way her hair is somehow perfect done up or thrown in a bun
Its just a surprise to look at her and see what i have won
Her style of clothing
Her eyes always glowing
The way she walks
The sound when she talks
Her hips
Her lips
I can go on and on about her perfection
Her love , to me , is an infection

Her smile has the ability to romance my day in an instant
The way having her makes my life so different
Or the thought of her hug makes me feel so protected
That when her arms go around me, my tears disappear and my heart is perfected

Her hand is like a tazer sending a shock of love through my arm
Her eyes with just a glance is just another charm
And yet the flaws that still show me love
Not one of them would i get rid of

There’s rage that screams out of the eyes
Yet even when she’s furious, i see the same gorgeous one which is no surprise

This girl I wish yet to describe her perfection is the one i call mine
The one who send love through my bloodline
The same girl i love to call my queen
Same girl I hold in my arms, which is the only place she will be seen

This exquisite young lady I describe to you knows who she is
And one day, i’d love to turn her from ms to a mrs.

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