A Beautiful World

A Beautiful World short poem

Uploaded by Lyn McSweeney

Why do people think the world’s going to end
when they say that God is their friend?
They pray Gods kingdom come to earth as in heaven
so mixed up so full of leaven.

How can this be how will this be done
could we be filled with Gods own son?
With Jesus will we all be one
is that how heaven on earth will come?

Will all those filled with Gods Spirit see
the world changed and people set free
Will they see beauty will they see peace
will they see Gods love released.

No more heartache or violence at all
do we hear Gods voice will we answer his call?
The times getting near
do we hark have an ear?

Why would we all be taken away
we would not be here to see that wonderful day?
Maybe we should all reach out to the lost
no matter the sacrifice no matter the cost?

So they too would be here to praise Gods name
No more held by sin and shame
Free to enjoy this wonderful world
full of Gods precious ones his Jewels and pearls!

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Lyn Dennis

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I have been writing poetry for 20 plus years it is not something I have learned, but enjoy writing it.
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A very encouraging poem Lyn, thank you


I hope everything the poet desires will happen on this earth. God.s kingdom sure to come. Nice poem.


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