Loser prose poem

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Every day I’m picking up fight with the man upstairs
Living in sorrow because my life is a horror
I am the clown who never get tired being a joker
Covering up my lies as a tiger who actually can’t roar

And those broken mirrors that I punched out of my madness
They’re nothing if you compare to my heart that shattered into pieces
The more my lips is curving the fake happiness
Well the more my souls dig down to somewhere in the middle of loneliness

Without even realizing,now I’m down here at the seventh ground
I welcome you to the place where no else doubt about your whereabout
And I find my peace even though this place is in ruin
It’s a safe place for the doomed just like me and myself

If you ever wonder now let me just say no
This is not a story where me and myself starred in
I carved my name with razor and wore nothing like pen
You always heard of there’s no existing antagonist if there’s no protagonist
Well surprise because there is no both characters in here
And the only one exist is that one sick clown

That cold sigh and glare that they gave me
Feels like an overplayed scene from a movie that I’ve watched repeatedly
Like a child who slowly lost believes in Santa when they grow up
I learn to forget about your cold ignorance

Isn’t it’s fun? Gathering every type of happiness
And make it your own, pretending like you’re the happiest?
Well don’t you think that it’s suffocating everytime you tried to hold your tears behind your smiles?
Or are you happy letting the world know that you’d always be this perfect though they never appreciated it?

Yes, I’m such a loser acting like a tough
when the fact is I’m scared of everything
I’m also a loner who always find it’s better to fake my laugh rather that treating my heart with a spoon of clarity I could earn somewhere where unicorn exists

That’s why I am a loser, because I am indeed a loser.

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Eriell Parker

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I came to express not to impress. My poems are all by me, inspired from people around me or my favorite songs. I love how words are combined to form those expressions. I don't know how to compose songs,short stories or rap, that's why I'm here.
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An in depth study of human nature turned into a poem. Nice write.


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