Tiredness short poem

I am tired of my rants

like a millions hammers 

pounding away in my brain

constant chatter drowns sanity

expectations love and affection

comfort insecurities and misadventures

regrets lost and found

a million lives not lived

what could be and what is

hauntings and remembrances

shadows looming large on today

today that is not perfect

perfection that is just in mind

mind on verge of lunacy

constant screams drowned

in the agonizing void

void that is my life

I am tired, very tired


tears they have a mind of their own

roll down when you least expect

open your soul to strangers

strangers that glare

stay in dark away from glare

tucked in blanket of oblivion

lost and lonely yet sane

lost and lonely yet sane

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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Editorial Board

Tiredness- a disturbing portrayal of the ever growing void within. A poem that shatters the myth of existence and reverberates bare loneliness. The last line sticks to the core.


I understand the way you feel…..I feel it too…beautiful.

Sheena Mathew

your expression of what u feel are so well portrayed in your poems. good one!

Monali Longmailai

just what’s in my mind right now… it’s a beautiful poem!

Nikita Mehendiratta

It’s like writing your heart on paper. Lost and lonely but sane.


Playful Tiredness

Playful Tiredness short poem

 There are times when I wake up…. And I think “I could lay here forever”. Soaking up the sunlight pouring in through my window. Onto the white comforter of my bed. Wrapped in the warmth of flannel sheets. I can