Is This It?

Is This It? short poem

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I can not find meaning of love
without the beating heart
It’s like made of stone
Fragile thing that’s torn us apart

they see what I won’t
they lose the beat of the love
I want it at all cost
I’ll watch over you from above

I want to do just what I want
this was a shy love
I see what they don’t
can’t get up just crawl

keep breath, time will pass
is that what they want?
stick to rules, stay in lines
well, this is what I’m not.

there is a big hole in my soul
they cannot see me whole
you find me with feeling
no deal with my heart…there’s just a hole

I’ve came with a trust
opened myself
now I’m lost
gentle push from the edge

I can see the shadow rising
shape looks familiar
is it me? ’cause sun is blinding
well, its just a stupid lie

I’ve came with a trust
so I told them truth
that I cannot smile
when there’s no sign of you

I’m done with apologizing
I’m done with my past
There’s no good with this coming
I don’t know how long I’ll last

Meaningless life not worth to live
What bothers me is when you stop to smile
empty stares, faded eyes
that what I’m afraid of…don’t want you to cry

can we not move any faster…
is this it? are we finally falling?
ain’t such a thing like going back
freaking nature, all I see is black

I’m falling faster than you can
pull the wool over my eyes
nothing is far
while you are near me

is this it? is it over?
is this what’s happening?
should I rest my head?
take a picture, make a painting.

emptiness swallows me from the inside
no need for sleep, eat or even breath
there’s no easy way to kill the life
just maybe with the little help of time, well

passing is the easier way
what’s you leaving behind
no one recalls your name
no mention of you, any kind

why the hell do you even care
sun will rise tomorrow
if not, it’s not your fate
carry the crap you picked up as you follow

Lost that feeling
it’s gone by now
sky is gently crying
water push me down

warm teardrop comforting me
everything fades to blurriness
cold raindrops have mercy on me
embrace the emptiness

hold on to be well.
sounds from you
your skin, your smell
triggers me fool

hold on to the life
that’s what I keep hearing
the thing I can’t buy
I suppose to give up

Don’t give up on life
but why everybody’s giving up on me?
purpose of the life
is to keep going…

but I lost the will to go
is there a greener grass
better cheek to kiss
I need to find out fast

I’d like to find jesus outside the book
meaning of living the time you’ve been given
that something you cant’t take off the hook
poisoned rats lured you to be bitten

Streaming in your veins
sweet potion of forgoteness
just a little less of pain
join the crowd of last parade

no meaning to stay
what you’re feeling is pain
and it won’t go away
can you enjoy it?

I want to stand up and run,run to desert, which way to shine
feel completely wasted, where’s the gun?
inside my head my demon lie

silent whispers of enticer
just use it, it’s ok.
beauty of black is stunning
give me some light to show me the way

been fine for two months
how long I will be down?
will I get over in time
will I live that long?

holes are deeper, air is thick
enjoy the suffering
at least you feel something
that fucking feeling, whoa.

vivid red dream appears
without you, how long can I survive?
the trees dripping fire on leaves,
should I live this pain or…fine.

Is this it?

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The poet has wonderful command over language & rhythm. Well executed.


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