Time Surpasses Immortality

Time Surpasses Immortality long poem

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When pinch of godly emotions diluted
Into optical fusion of matted commotions
And the whole concealed constellation
Beguiled its proclaim in dismal dismay,
Gurgling upsurges fused with a shy smile
Amidst the mute chambers of heavy heads.
Nothing like bleak differences hanged to touch
The tumbling words of unfeigned relations.
But the sole identity of your individual reflections
Fleeced the wailing lunacy from Lethe
To sit divulged into deep oceans of cosmic naught.

Was it I who deliberately reckoned the future age
Or were it you who loved the image?
Your honeyed grace arched the parentage.
I understand love: for it creates
It activates, it inspires, it shapes
The action in distraction
Of men and women in silent backstage.
You hardly embodied it.
For you it was a grown up why.
“Why shall one muse into other’s eyes ?”
Love knows no burden, my friend,
Nor the weight, nor the change, nor the bend
Except the goodness, the virtue, the life
The action, the attraction, the greater sacrifice.

Love compels cruelty to those
Who don’t understand it.
Life is meaningless to those
Who always withstand it
Like the silent statues that repose
Bewildering the winks of eyes’ propose.

This carnal frame is to break
With the clarion call of time.
Time sheds tears for none.
It surpasses the immortality.
Who can’t predict the dire futility
Of men and women who come and go
Trumpeting the idiot’s cimbasso?

I urge yet again dear friend
Either you call me from behind
Or I call you from front to bind
The broken chords to rewind
To come to walk soul by soul
To come to tread foot by foot
To come to march hand-in-hand
On the perennial path of eternity
Where ebbing life salutes dying death
And immortality does not chase suspended breath.

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Manoj Kumar Mishra

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Manoj Mishra has been writing in English and Hindi since he was young........the journey still continues. He writes poems, short stories, articles. He is a teacher of English language in a central govt. organisation. He loves appreciating other's creative genius.......लिखना अच्छा लगता है. मन के अंदर उठ रहे तूफ़ानों को "तिनके का सहारा" जैसा. भावों की अभिव्यक्ति को मैं अपना कर्म मानता हूँ. मैं आंग्ल भाषा का शिक्षक हूँ, और बच्चों को अँग्रेज़ी भाषा का सही प्रयोग सीखाना मेरा धर्म. लेकिन कभी-कभी धर्म और कर्म के चक्कर में उलझा हुआ-सा महसुस करता हूँ, "जस क़ुरंग अकुलात" सा. बहरहाल, जीवन क्रम चलता जा रहा है. किसी सकारात्मक बदलाव के इंतज़ार में कभी खुश होकर बच्चों की मानिंद नाचने लगता हूँ, तो कभी मायूस निगाहों से आने वाले कल की दहलीज़ लाँघता हूँ. वक़्त गुजरता जा रहा है. ये कभी रुकता नहीं किसी के लिए. मेरे लिए भी नहीं रुकेगा, मैं जानता हूँ. मैं कोई वख्त का रिश्तेदार थोड़े ही हूँ. बस चलते जाना है इन सब के बीच. और इसीलिए चलते जा रहा हूँ............
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